Music is even more fun with a friend

Playing music is a joy.

That’s what my friend Barry said during our conversation in his kitchen on a recent Friday night…a conversation that included dual accordion playing, lots of stopping and starting, laughing, more laughing, and drinking Jamaican Red Stripe beer along with some awesome rum and cokes made with Mexican cola and Myers dark spiced rum.

It was a very good night.

And just like playing tennis with a better tennis player will no doubt improve your serve, playing accordion with someone who plays  better accordion than you will doubtless improve your squeeze game.

I hope Barry is prepared for me to come over every Friday evening. ;-)

Here’s a taste of our night. I can’t wait until next time.

8 thoughts on “Music is even more fun with a friend

  1. Hey Nick. I think I’m going to write to my congressman and request legislation that requires hat wearing whenever an accordion is played. It only makes sense. And thanks, Robert! I have been practicing.

  2. Nosh–comparing this to your early days of your leprechaun dance apprenticeship is high praise indeed. : ) And thanks for reading the blog, Jense!

  3. Thanks, Pita! And no, it’s an old hat. I bought it years ago when I went to the Jazz Fest in New Orleans. I just didn’t bring it on the boat because I was afraid it would blow off. :) You should see Barry’s hats. Holy hat collection! : )

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