Accordions are sexy.

object104Few would argue that an image of Elvis, with his guitar slung over his gyrating hips, isn’t sexy. Elvis was hot and so was his guitar. Those damn guitars enjoy nearly universal sex appeal. In fact, countless guy friends of mine told me they learned how to play the guitar just so they could pick up girls. Yet it’s doubtful that anyone ever strapped on an accordion to improve their successful dating odds. I mean it would have worked for me, but, well, the point is…the times are changing.

Not everyone agrees with me, of course. In fact, I got the idea for this post after reading an article about jazz accordionist Cory Pesaturo who said accordions were decidedly unsexy instruments and he likened them to strapping an air conditioner to your chest. Now I’m not one to disagree with Cory Pesaturo–he’s a three time world champion in jazz, acoustic and digital accordion and he isn’t even 30 yet (sheesh)–but I think he’s wrong about the sex appeal factor.

Accordions are sexy. Here’s some evidence:

Check out Ginny Mac.

Or Ami Saraiya.

Or my favorite Dutch accordionist Jense Meek.

Or Steve Riley of the Mamou Playboys.

Or Annette Ezekiel Kogan of Golem.

Or Barry Bless of Happy Lucky Combo.

I could go on and on but you get my point. But if you need more proof, you can always order your own copy of the 2014 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar. I just ordered one of my own. There’s a different, professionally photographed, accordion-playing babe for every month. It even includes a CD containing a song by each model–all for $15 plus shipping.

Go ahead and hang it on your wall. I dare ya!

10 thoughts on “Accordions are sexy.

  1. ;) Love this post! How fun to discover new artists. As we all said when Renee de la Prade came first came up with the concept of a Babes calendar, lets take the accordion away from Lawrence Welk and give it Sophia Lauren. Or at least remind the world that that happened ages ago! Thank you for this blog Karen and keep squeezin’!

  2. Aaah!! I stumbled on your blog by Googling “cool accordion players” so, congrats.

    My husband gave me an accordion for Christmas and I am up to C, G, and F on the bass buttons. I’m having a great time and am SO glad to find your blog. I have subscribed and look forward to learning more about things accordion to you :)

    We binge watched every Mollie B Christmas special during the break and first saw, and were amazed by, Alex Meizner there – so seeing your interview was inspiring. What a nice guy.

    Happy to join this world!

    • I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog, yogahz! Thanks for following! Congrats on your new accordion and welcome to the club! I am obsessed with my accordion as most players are and I’m sure you will also be obsessed with yours soon, if you aren’t already. :)

  3. Hey Karen – I’ve been playing the accordion for a veryyyy long time and I just wanted to tell you that your site is the very coolest for us accordionists. Thanks for putting it out there

  4. Thanks so much, Anthony! I’m so glad you like the blog. I went to your site and you play beautifully. I also loved your tutorials, which I plan to reference soon. The view from your back deck on the island in Ontario is also quite fine. :)

  5. Nooo My point is that they Are Sexy and I’m trying to do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to make them as sexy as they were when Dick Contino made them sexy and Huge in the 50′s. My point is we have to modernize them. All the people mentioned in this blog and comments from Ginny Mac to Alex Meixner are VERY very very close friends of mine. We have the same goal. Make the accordion Marketable again.

    Musically –


  6. Renee and beyond as well. Also, if you know your accordion you would Martinas, who you wrote a blog about, is really a fraud musician. If you want to write about sexy accordionists that are unknown, write about Alex Meixner.

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