Christmas is coming–add this accordion documentary to your wish list!

I first interviewed filmmaker Roberta Cantow over a year ago. At the time, she was raising money to put the final touches on her refreshing documentary about the resurgence of accordion music in the US. I was an easy sell; Roberta had me with the words, “accordion documentary.”

I am delighted to report that her film is now complete and available for purchase. Here’s just a peek of what you can expect.

I certainly didn’t need a movie to convince me that the accordion was where it’s at–I am hopelessly unable to resist its allure. But this charming, educational, and wildly musical film does come in handy to sway the opinion of disbelievers. It’s also just plain fun for music lovers of all types.

As a kick-ass side bonus, her film also features my good friend Frank Petrilli, one of the heavy hitters in the accordion jazz world. It also highlights the late Walter Kühr, former owner of the Main Squeeze Accordion Shop in New York City (where I bought my beloved accordion) and conductor of the all-female Main Squeeze Orchestra. Walter left this world too soon, but, fortunately,  a bit of his unique essence is forever captured in this film.

For the very reasonable price of $24.95, you can make the accordion lover on your gift list deliriously happy. If you really want to go crazy, you can also buy a t-shirt or the award-winning movie poster. You’ll find it all on the Accordions Rising website.

Go ahead. It’s time the rest of the world learned how hip accordions really are.

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