Cool accordion-related stuff

Accordion Noir¬†A kick-ass radio show brought to us by a couple of accordion-loving Canadians in Vancouver. You can download every show and listen at your convenience…and you should.

Accordion Plus, LLC Meet Dale Wise, a retired music teacher, player, and accordion evangelist who will repair your accordion or sell you a new one, along with educational CDs, tools, and accessories. He also arranges some awesome accordion concerts and get-togethers in Virginia. Get on his mailing list.

Gregory Page An accordion-friendly jazz musician from San Diego. I love his music and his website, which also includes some wonderful little films, all produced by Page. This film is one of my favorites.

Accordion Tribe Winner of the Swiss Film Prize for Best Documentary in 2005. This Austrian film highlights the tour of five extraordinary musicians from different countries who formed an accordion orchestra to share their sound around the world. I would have loved lthis film even if I didn’t love the accordion. But because I do, I adored it.


7 thoughts on “Cool accordion-related stuff

    • Hi, David! I clicked on the link. They were performing on my birthday! :) I have friends in Atlanta, so perhaps one day I will be able to see them perform. Very cool that you are a social worker for a kidney program. Thanks for reading the blog!

    • Thanks so much for checking out my blog, Karen! And thanks for your link. I look forward to checking out your site in detail. Bellows of warmest wishes back to you from across the pond. :)

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