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My name is Karen Sokohl. I live in the city of Richmond, VA with my husband and my dog. Lucky for me, both are big accordion fans.

My husband–his name is Joe–bought me an accordion for my 45th birthday (now nearly 13 years ago–ack!). I have been making slow and painful progress since then and I love it more than I can say. I want others to love it too, or at least not make fun of it, so I started this blog.

When I’m not practicing the accordion, I make my living as a freelance writer and editor.

Want to get in touch with me? No prob: Send me an email. If you’d like to comment in public about the site, use this box:

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a wonderful story you have written in The UNOS Update. My friend, you are one talented lady. My father acquired an accordion during WWII and learned to play it but was not allowed to bring it back after the war ended..too bad for me. Maybe I would have learned that instead of the piano! Ha. Still need to see the pool someday. Hugs, B

  2. Hello Karen,

    Hello Karen, I have gotten the newest microphones in for accordions and button/squeeze boxes called MelodyM and if you are still interested I would love to talk to you about installing it in your accordion and maybe having something on your awesome blog about them. Please say hello to Joy for me.

    Thank you so much.


  3. Hi Karen,
    Roberta sent me your blog I want to thank you for your support of her film. I am/was Walter Kühr’s girlfriend and long time partner. It is wonderful to hear your lovely words about him – he touched so many people. Thank you.
    Kind Regards, Lauren

    • Lauren, it is so nice to hear from you! I feel so lucky to have experienced some of what made Walter so special. I’m so glad you have so many memories to treasure of your wonderful life partner. Peace!

  4. Hi Karen,
    I love your Blog. The Cape Accordion piece brought back great memories. Thanks for preserving them here. Sadly the location we had for Cape Accordion was sold and future events at the Cape are unlikely, but NESI 2015 is coming soon. Maybe this will spark your next cool story.
    Keep up the great work promoting the accordion.
    I await patiently your next post.

  5. Hi Karen,
    It’s Bill (melodica) from the Squeeze-In. It took me a while to get to your blog, but here I am at last.

    Though I don’t play accordion (melodica and concertina), I certainly appreciate and enjoy all things accordion. Thank you for the blog.

    Here is a brief but fun video from Freiburg, Germany, a city where I have lived. The street music scene is especially lively in the city center. Accordions of all sizes can be heard every day. Enjoy the video on youtube: Freiburg, Strassenmusik- 2

    Viel Spass ( have fun),

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