Dyngus Day Will Rock Cleveland Once Again

Ok, so I realize that new blog posts on accordion to karen have been increasingly scarce. For that I am sorry. I especially apologize to my three faithful readers, which include my husband, my mother (well, my mother if she had a computer) and some random prisoner who because of good behavior has periodic access to the internet. I’m honored that he chooses to read my blog. New readers are always welcome and encouraged, of course.

Anywho, life of late has been kicking my ass (never-ending work, home renovations, lessons with a new accordion teacher, everyday basic crap), leaving precious little time for truly important stuff like updating a blog destined to bring the cool back to the accordion. This must end.

I may not have time to write, but I do have time to post some kick-ass cool videos.

First check out DJ Kishka’s wonderfully creative and entertaining ad for Dyngus Day 2012 on YouTube. It’s freakin’ hilarious.

How I wish I were a) Polish and b) going to be in Cleveland on April 9. Alas, I am neither. Heavy sigh. But if you are lucky enough to a) actually be Polish or b) live in Cleveland or anywhere within a 60-mile radius, you best polka on over to one of the Dyngus Day events at one of Cleveland’s polka-loving drinking establishments. Na Zdrowie.

I discovered this next video courtesy of an accordion facebook friend of mine–thank you James Gerke. I’m actually a member of four accordion groups on facebook. Take that guitars!It’s a lovely, lovely short film (well worth the 12 minutes–trust me) about a 40-year-old man rediscovering what brings him joy. I love this film. I think you might too.

The Necktie by Jean-François Lévesque, National Film Board of Canada


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