Dining the way it used to be

Do you like hearing beautiful accordion music while you dine in a lovely setting reminiscent of some far-away exotic place?

Of course you do—that’s why you’re reading this blog.

Do you like good food? Who doesn’t? Yummy Middle Eastern food, especially? Do you like charming and handsome restaurant owners who make you feel like you were invited to someone’s super cool home to have dinner? Are you in Richmond (or will be)?

Then you must go and go swiftly to the Phoenician Restaurant at 4401 W. Broad Street. If you go on a Saturday night, you are likely to hear my friend Barry playing the accordion. You should go there even if he isn’t playing, but if you go when he is, you’re in for an extra special treat.

Here’s a tiny sampling of the beautiful music you can expect to hear why you dine on some kick-ass Lebanese food.This particular night, my former accordion teacher and player extraordinaire Bob Jacobs sat in for a bit, too.


Just visit Barry’s blog, The Delicious Accordion, for a schedule of when he’s playing at the Phoenician. This restaurant is one of Richmond’s best kept secrets. Seriously—go visit Nagi at the Phoenician and start off with some Baba Ghannouge, Fateyer Cheese and some Musaka.

Food for the body and music for the soul.

P.S. When Barry isn’t squeezing out the solo tunes, he’s playing the accordion with Richmond’s incredible Ululating Mummies, who just happen to be playing their annual New Year’s Eve gig at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens tomorrow! 2-4p.m. Get more detail. Barry also plays with another fab local band, the Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra (RIGO). Ted Salins recently created a wonderful little video about RIGO. It’s on YouTube. Check it out.

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