Accordions on the plane? Go Delta!

blog paradise shotI recently returned from a vacation in paradise.

The only thing missing from this extraordinary vacation, quite frankly, was a travel-sized accordion on the catamaran. Not sure the other 7 folks on the boat would agree, but as rockin’ as this floating party was, it could have rocked even more with a squeezebox on board. Imagine my delight when the most kick-ass instrument on the planet made an appearance not in paradise, but on our way there…and in the most unlikeliest of places. Proof yet again that the accordion has infiltrated the mainstream.

Check out Delta’s new in-flight safety video. Being a communications professional, I would appreciate this great example of effectively relaying important information to a target audience even if it didn’t feature an accordion. Yes, the Delta in-flight safety video features an accordion. See for yourself. But you’ll have to stick with it to the very end (specifically for 3 minutes and 39 seconds) to see the best part.

It’s worth it.

learning the accordion makes you smart…I didn’t make this up

For well over a year now, I’ve been praising all things accordion in post after polka-loving post. If I haven’t yet convinced you of the absolute fabulousness of this incredible instrument, then perhaps I can sway you by promising to add a few points to your IQ.


Check out this article and pay special attention to number 10. : )

Accordion buskers in the hood

Yo. Happy Thanksgiving, accordion aficionados. Contrary to the immediately preceding post, this blog is not specific to busking. It is also not specific to giving thanks, although ‘tis the season and I am thankful for both busking and accordions and a whole lot more. I’m also thankful for a fine husband and a fabulous wonder mutt, both of whom appreciate (and tolerate) accordions as much as they appreciate (and tolerate) me. But I digress.

Back to busking. I hate to blog about the same topic two posts in a row, but life occasionally repeats itself (for example, I had Raisin Bran for breakfast two days in a row). Anywho, last weekend I was tooling around Richmond with a friend of a friend (who I now consider a friend of my very own) when I got a 911 text from yet another friend that read, and I quote, “Dude at Cary Street and Belmont kicking butt on accordion. :-)

There had been other plans on our itinerary, but that text was reason enough to change them. We drove the fifteen minutes or so from Church Hill to Carytown and lucky for us, the dude was still there and still kicking butt on accordion. Even luckier…I found a parking space all of 40 feet away. Best of all, I had access to a high def video camera since I had upgraded to an iPhone 4 just the weekend before. It was a very good day indeed.

So not only did I enjoy his performance, but now you can as well. Check out some wonderful gypsy-style accordion playing by the dude (aka Cayman Mooney). He informed me that he has only been playing accordion for about two years. Ack! He’s way better than me and I’ve been fiddling around with it for nearly three now. But I will keep the faith and keep slogging away. Those of you who are learning a new instrument should check out my “practice works” post from Sept. 4, just in case you missed it. It’s true. Practice really does work. Just works for some better than others. : )

P.S. I heart Carytown. Thanks for the busking, Cayman (and I hope I spelled your name right).