Head-banging accordion music. More, please.

If the music world had more Alex Meixners, the accordion would not be suffering from an image problem.

Karen & Alex at fest

Seriously–this guy is the best thing to happen to polka since DJ Kishka. I discovered the Alex Meixner Band  last fall at the always phenomenal Richmond Folk Festival. I now count him among my most revered accordionists. Trust me, I wasn’t his only new fan–the crowd was digging him.

During the 3-day festival, Alex performed no less than four one-hour sets, which included an accordion workshop where he performed with four other ridiculously talented accordionists from all over the world. I never saw him when he wasn’t drenched in sweat. Watch this video…you’ll understand why.

How many accordion players do you know who can move seamlessly from Guns N’ Roses to the “Clarinet Polka” without skipping a beat? Alex Meixner can do it and then turn around and play a kick-ass version of the “Moldau” by Czech composer Bedrich Smetana.

If anyone was Accordion to Karen blog-post worthy, it was this guy. Lucky for me, he was kind enough to give me an interview, literally minutes after he walked off stage. Listen and enjoy–you honestly couldn’t meet a nicer guy.

He’s busy touring right now, so check out his website for a complete schedule. If you’re lucky he’ll be playing in a city near you. My Cleveland friends can catch him tomorrow night (Dec. 10) at the Beachland Ballroom and Richmonders can hear him on Dec. 15 during a special performance at Plan 9 in Carytown! Christmas is coming, and his new CD, Three Ring Circus (available at Plan 9, naturally) makes a great gift. Buy one already!

2 thoughts on “Head-banging accordion music. More, please.

  1. Been getting antsy for a new post. Welcome back from your hiatus. It was worth the wait. Great post. Alex is quite the character and artist.

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